Local Leaders | Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens: Let’s all go fly a kite next weekend

At the Southern Highlands Botanic Garden there are many goings-on that are not only about botany.

On Sunday, 19 August, there will be a kite flying day for the whole family.

We say it's for the whole family because we have received bookings for attendance at the kite building workshop by parents and grandparents as well as children.

Kites are so fascinating for kids of all ages.

They are technically interesting, they look so pretty when they are in the air and it is always a challenge to keep the kite flying once it is up in the sky.

Kites originated in Shandong, the eastern-most province in China 2000 years ago.

They were used for various functions, like the wooden black-eared kites that could hold the weight of a soldier for military surveillance.

Then there are the 7th century Buddhist monks who used kites to bless their harvests and distract evil spirits in the sky.

There is even a tale about a man who used a very large kite to get to the top of a castle where he stole a golden statue – how he got down or whether the heist was successful we will never know, but it's a good story.

All around the world countries hold national kite days celebrating this simple joy and splendour of this age-old tradition. There is even an old Chinese saying that goes something like 'those who fly a kite can have a long life'.

So, come along on Sunday, August 19 and join us in the joys of the kite.

Lyn Collingridge, director

Lyn Collingridge, director


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