Two killed in freak accident

Police are investigating the parachuting deaths of two men who were killed within three hours of each other at Picton on Saturday.

Picton Police were at the Sydney Skydivers Centre drop zone investigating the first skydivers death when, to their horror, the second man fell to his death nearby.

The first incident happened at 11.30am when 34-year-old ACT man Brendan Cook struck the ground after his primary parachute became tangled and his second parachute failed to open.

Mr Cook was airlifted to Liverpool Hospital suffering from multiple fractures to legs as well as head, chest and internal injuries but died later that day.

Police say the second man, Ermington resident Jethro Thornton, 24, was killed when his parachute apparently failed to deploy.

“They were both completely different circumstances, it was just a coincidence it happened on the same day,” Picton Inspector Kel Clowry said.

Sydney Skydiving Centre owner Phil Onis declined to make further comments on the fatalities and said investigations were continuing.

“We haven’t had a fatality in 15 years, it’s quite bizarre,” Mr Onis said.

“There are dangers in anything adventurous like skydiving, rock climbing and absailing.

“Both men were experienced, have been jumping here for a couple of years and knew the dangers involved.”

There has not been a skydiving death in NSW for two years.

The centre suspended skydiving on Saturday but was back operating as normal completing more than 400 jumps yesterday.

Police investigations are continuing.