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Pooch about town, Harley is set for Tulip Time. Photo: Supplied
Pooch about town, Harley is set for Tulip Time. Photo: Supplied

Harley is set for Tulip Time

Harley is ready for Tulip Time,

To enjoy all the colours so vibrant and fine,

The tulips are flowering the sky is clear

Creating memories is the theme this year.

Corbett Gardens is the place to be, 

With hundreds of tulips for all to see,

There is music, choirs and dancing too,

So you can realax and enjoy the view.

A charity each year represents Tulip Time,

For young and old, or those in their prime.

Highlands Adult Day Care Centre, Dementia too,

Are the recipients this year for all they do,

In helping so many who need loving care,

To enjoy each day and with others to share.

Fifty eight years Tulip Time has been here,

Enjoyed by so many who visit each year,

God has created a wonderful hue,

Of beautiful tulips in gardens to view.

Wendy Dalton

Moss Vale

Election ‘disaster’

The woeful performance of the NSW Liberal Party in the Wagga byelection shows the ineptitude of the self-styled political strategists who control the fortunes of the NSW Liberal Party.

They couldn’t run an election if handed the keys to the ballot boxes.

Wrong candidate, wrong messaging, wrong ‘cargo cult’ parachuting of goodies into a cynical electorate.

There was once a time when the Coalition (remember that joint venture) deployed co-operatively on the battlefield according to best ‘bang for the buck’.

In Wagga, the Nationals had the organisation, a greater choice of candidates, located in the main population centres, and inherent leadership that comes with the Deputy Prime Minister being the local Federal MP.

So, what diabolical political whiz kid in Sydney dreamed up this disaster?

There was a time when coalition strategists worked hand in glove to deliver, not internally digest the spoils of the political ‘pie’.

They did this by understanding the savvy masters of the political elite – average punters who want to make a better life for themselves and families.

What people see is simple stuff – cost of living increases delivered through poor messaging of the sale of electricity assets.

The folks don’t see the creative accounting and long-term benefits of ‘asset recycling’.

They don’t even understand it, let alone see how their families will benefit.

They don’t see an equal sharing of the benefits of Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s).

They see risk sharing being loaded onto consumers and taxpayers who pay the costs.

The electorate, having to meet higher living costs on less disposable incomes, see the need for another type of PPP (‘Power, for Pensioners and the Poor’).

Not power for the rent seekers and offshore beneficiaries of misguided policies.

Don’t get me wrong.

Many aspects of targeted reinvestment will be ultimately good but political leadership is about winning the war, not losing every battle.

Good democracy is about a competitive contest between political gladiators with robust ideas.

As it stands, the Competition Commission (ACCC) should examine, if only it had the power, if the lack of competition by the NSW Libs is homegrown incompetence or, the influence of forces hell bent destroying the political marketplace!

One could be forgiven for believing the Russians had hacked the NSW Liberals.

If interference is the new paradigm, perhaps the Kremlin could be persuaded to interfere more aggressively in the affairs of the NSW Liberals and deliver a back to future moment – ‘John Howard 2.0’.

Now there would be an insurgency or political interference worth voting for!

Ian Wiskin