Your say… letter to the editor

The recent Southern Highlands exclusive first airing of A Tree Falling was met with a packed and impressed house at Hill Top Memorial Hall. Most impressed with the response was director Dave Letch. 

A shout out of thanks for support

It isn't often that you encounter a team of journos that are beyond supportive, believe in what you are doing and go above and beyond the usual expectation of 'coverage'.

Well, Southern Highland News did just that through Jackie Meyers, editor, and Brooke Gibbs, arts and entertainment, with the promotion of a reading of A Tree Falling at Hill Top Memorial Hall on July 8.

A mighty shout out and thank you.

Ditto this to the folk of our Southern Highlands.

Reheasals for A Tree Falling. Photo: supplied

Reheasals for A Tree Falling. Photo: supplied

We ran out of seats, as the show was enjoyed with a mixture of hilarity, sheer silent disbelief and then, ultimately, the flowing of tears for the final scene.

This scene between Lenny - John Gregg, and Lola - Greta Scacchi, masters of their profession, was followed by a singularly powerful silence and then a standing ovation.

This final image was capped beautifully by the glorious lyric tenor voice of Robertson local, Ted Andrade.

I couldn't have been happier.

The response from the Highlands folk was humbling, and the support of Katie Constantinou (WADCC), Corinne and Gilbert Guillame, John Sider from Highlands FM, Steve Rosa and his Tourism Team - Shirley and Jennifer - and so many others too numerous to mention, made this local boy one beyond-happy chappie.

Thank you, bless you all and stay tuned for more...

Dave Letch


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