Bowral Blacks defeated Avondale at Eridge Park

After a disappointing defeat last match, Bowral Blacks stepped up their game against Avondale on July 7.

Strong winds and cold weather resulted in tough conditions on the field, but Bowral Blacks remained determined to fight for the title.

The first grade Blacks defeated Avondale 20-12 in a home game.

The Blacks were head strong in the first half of the match and celebrated a 20-0 lead at half time.

Brian Knight scored an early try for team to put them in front of their competition.

Avondale returned to the field for the second half with a stronger momentum, but it wasn’t enough to get ahead of the determined Bowral. 

Bowral Blacks head coach Gene Fairbanks said it was great to see the Bowral players swing the momentum back their way and continue to knock down Avondale.

Fairbanks said the Blacks’ defeat against Woonara Shamrocks on June 30 was an eye opener for the players which ended in a pleasing result.

“The team played really well against Avondale,” he said.

“The players really switched on after losing last week and were well prepared when they took to the field.

“They defended well, grinded away, carried the ball through and minimised errors.”

Lachlan Huntington displayed a consistent defence throughout the competition and controlled the game well.

Bowral Blacks will take on Kiama next weekend and Fairbanks said he was feeling hopeful about the result.

“Our team is in good condition,” he said.

Fairbanks acknowledged that while the Blacks had played a great game on Saturday, he was pleased to see how much the crowd support for the team had grown.

“It was great to see such strong community spirit,” he said.