Delivering on good, old-fashioned service

We live in an era where automated messages, overseas callers and a system of self-service is commonplace in our everyday life.

If you have a problem with your phone, utility or pay tv provider the call for assistance will most likely take you through a series of automated prompts before generally reaching an overseas operator, with what appears to be a list of scripted responses.

Banking is largely done from a computer in your home or office with electronic transfers and internet banking the norm. If you do require that more unsual item for transactions – cash – you can simply head to an automatic teller machine (ATM), generally located in a wall or shopping centre. Or of course you could go to a supermarket where the option of self-service at the check out is readily available. No interraction with a real person is necessary. 

At times these options could be considered convenient, but often they are frought with frustration and unfortunately a part of life in the 21st century. Some people will give up – maybe that’s what the big businesses behind these options want. Other people will set out out on a crusade to find that very rare quality – a real, unscripted person who can help them wade through their inquiry to find the right solution.

Just when you think this is the norm one large organisation - used by virtually every person in society - has flipped this impersonal concept on its head. In a society where it is so easy to critcise all that is wrong, it is equally important to heap praise on something or someone who has ticked the boxes when it comes to good, old-fashioned service.

With this in mind a whole lot of praise should be directed at the new, improved organisation we once knew as the RTA or the Motor Registry. Now known as Services NSW, and located in a fresh new building in the Highlands Hub, it is a pleasure to deal with this organisation.

A concierge (real person) greets you as you enter the building and pleasantly sets you in the right direction. Comfortable seating while you wait is a sign they are keen to ensure your experience is a pleasant one and a quick turnaround seems to have become the norm. Rumour has it that similar service is experienced at other Service NSW outlets. Well done to the team at Service NSW and the powers-that-be who recognised the value of good, old-fashioned customer service.


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