Bambinos Kindergarten Bowral Street ready to send care packages to Australian troops for Anzac Day

Anzac Day is always an emotional time- particularly for troops who are away from their family and friends.

And Bambinos Kindergarten Bowral Street is hoping to make the day a little bit easier for our troops overseas.

Families of the centre have donated more than 100 items over the past several weeks that will be sent as care packages.

Centre director Liza Rynehart said they would send between 10 and 12 boxes this week.

Items collected included toiletries, food, magazines, puzzle books and DVDs.

The children have also been hard at work on letters, cards and drawings to include in the care packages.

Ms Rynehart said they had received plenty of support from families and hoped they could continue the project.

“We feel it’s a valuable cause. We wanted to have a really hands on, valuable way to explain Anzac Day to the children and talk about people giving up their time with their families to serve their communities,” she said.

“[The children] have really gained an understanding of other people  in the world around them that they don’t even know helping them and they want to help them in return.”