Battle for Berrima to rally for clean air, water and energy

Glenn Morris.

Glenn Morris.

One year before the next NSW state government election, thousands of people from around the state including the Southern Highlands will march in Sydney, calling on the state parliament to choose a clean energy future for NSW.

A busload of 60 concerned residents, organised by the Battle for Berrima group, will be among those attending the rally.

Battle for Berrima president Ken Wilson said the group was taking part in the Time 2 Choose rally on March 24 to protect the Sydney Water Catchment

"We have a heavy metal water crisis on the Wingecarribee River with a 151 year old coal mine spewing three million litres a day into the drinking water catchment and the issue won't even be examined by the recently announced expert panel," Mr Wilson said.

"This in the same area that Korea's POSCO wants approval for a mega underground coal mine where its projected that farmers water bores will take 3 generations to recover, if they do at all.

"We are calling for a non-partisan Upper House Inquiry into the protection of the Water Catchment before it is too late", said Mr Wilson.

Georgina Wood, of Lock the Gate, one of the groups organising the Time2Choose rally, said the state’s strategic farmland and water resources were in jeopardy from coal mining. 

“Ten new coal projects in NSW threaten farmland, bushland and water supplies. Together each year they would extract 75 million tonnes of coal, use 23.5 billion litres of water and emit 181 million tonnes of carbon dioxide,” she said. 

“We are at a crossroads. One road leads to clean air, clean water, land, renewable energy, protection of cultural heritage and healthy communities. The other road leads to more coal and gas mining. It’s time to carve out a positive future. It’s our time to choose: clean water, clean air and clean energy.”  

“We’re asking  people from around the state including the Southern Highlands, to join us at the rally. This is about ensuring we have a vibrant future with a diverse economy, a safe climate and clean water across the whole state.”

The rally will take place on March 24 from 12pm in Martin Place, Sydney.