Catriona Pollard challenges Highlanders to see and appreciate nature in a different light

Sydney fibre artist Catriona Pollard will unveil her latest body of work in a solo exhibition titled ‘I am of You’ which challenges viewers to see and appreciate nature in a different light.

Ms Pollard with showcase beautifully constructed pieces made from foraged plant material she has collected over six years, weaved together in a way that inspires viewers to think differently about the natural world around them.

“’I am of You’ offers glimpses of shape-shifting natural forms from unnoticed branches, leaves and seed pods into shapes that celebrate the abundance of nature and our place in this universe,” said Ms Pollard.

Her work highlights the link between raw, foraged organic materials such as vines and seed pods, with earthy materials such as base materials including copper, and natural elements including charcoal, clay and ash.

Ms Pollard said one her favourite pieces was made using the technique of random weave of the Bangalow Palm inflorescence into a two-metre high cloak, which was then been layered with xanthorrhoea resin.

“The result is an incredible, natural piece of artwork, re-imaging the beauty of nature and symbolising the warmth of gratitude,” she said.

Another favourite of Ms Pollard’s is a piece titled ‘Luna Dance,’ a vine sculpture made from charcoal and stalk collected over a number of years.

“It tells a story that in darkness, there can be happiness and joy. It’s about conversations and falling in love,” she said.

The collection of delicately woven pieces will explore the connection between all living things from the earth beneath our feet, through to the air above us and everything in between.

It will transform the existing beauty of nature into moments that encourage reflection and connection.

“The exhibition is a call for us to fall in love again with the world around us and see that we are bound by nature to claim its place in our heart,” Ms Pollard said.

“We’re so disconnected from nature. We have our heads buried in Netflix and our phones. This is a call for all of us to see there is beauty we often don’t notice.

“You don’t have to go to a stall or buy new TVs or clothes to seek joy – it’s understanding we are surrounded by nature.

“Nature can provide joy and I challenge people to understand that they need to continue to stop and see the beauty nature can provide.

“We are not that much different, you and I, and to hold sacred our links to our ancestry which is so closely connected to the earth and the vines, leaves and plants that grow from it.”

Catriona Pollard has exhibited extensively in selected and group exhibitions and this will be her third solo exhibition. 

‘I am of You’ will exhibit at Sturt Gallery, corner of Range Road and Waverly Parade, Mittagong, from April 15 to June 3, from 10am to 5pm. 

“I really want viewers to stand in front of the pieces and take it in,” Ms Pollard said.