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Consider the consequences

I agree 100 per cent with Peter Edwards (Feb 12 “Station Street concerns”). He accurately points out the mindless futility of the proposed Station Street project:

- It will destroy the old trees and the character of the town

- It will significantly worsen traffic and parking

- It will serve no useful benefit to us, as citizens who live, walk, ride and drive here

What, therefore councillors, is the point? What are we missing or what are we not being told? Mr Edwards correctly points out that Station Street, in any event, is limited in width to that area of several hundred metres around the tiny single lane railway bridge. It is not wide enough to accommodate four lanes of moving traffic especially heavy vehicles, with no barrier dividing oncoming traffic. 

One more factor to add - It is a risk to the safety of people, pedestrians, children and passengers, particularly, but not only at that point. The consequent “rat run” diversion of traffic to other streets (ie Bendooley Street), caused by traffic avoiding Station Street chaos due to its narrowness and multiple traffic lights within a short distance, is real safety risk for people and is being ignored.

I urge councillors to consider their first responsibility to the public, before it is too late. Perhaps funds (which were specifically for use on a bypass, not an upgrade) could be more properly and usefully spent bypassing Argyle Street in Moss Vale.

Brian Keane

Seeking answers

Regarding Madeline Crittenden's article (SHN Feb. 7) headed "Petition gains support", it surprises me that concerned citizens of Berrima (population 666 in 2016) and more than 7000 others need to petition the Upper House about a matter that concerns all who use Sydney Water. Surely, if there is a serious risk, the Hume project would have been knocked on the head already by Sydney Water Corporation. The Corporation serves more than five million people (none in our area though).

Water is not a Battle for Berrima, so what is their agenda?  Concern for the environment?  Can't be that - they forbid solar panels on Berrima roofs!  Pollution?  Can't be that - I see visual pollution as I drive through Berrima, with all the Water Not Coal signs everywhere! Please explain.  I am not pro-coal, I am just seeking an honest debate.

Edward J Jones


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