Shakti Durga on the power of energy and healing

THE POWER TO HEAL: Shakti Durga is a master teacher and healer as well as a spiritual leader. Photo: supplied.

THE POWER TO HEAL: Shakti Durga is a master teacher and healer as well as a spiritual leader. Photo: supplied.

Kim Fraser was a successful lawyer, a mother of two and a wife in a failing marriage. 

Consumed by stress, a colleague suggested she try meditation and from then, her life changed very quickly. 

Fastforward to 2018 and Kim is now known as Shakti Durga (meaning divine feminine force), she is no longer a lawyer, but the founder, spiritual head and inspirational leader of Shanti Mission.

“In my late 20s I had a marriage that was heading toward divorce and a busy practice so I started to learn meditation,” Ms Durga said. 

“After my divorce I wasn’t well and I lost a lot of time from work, and someone said I should have an energy healing. 

“So I did and by the next day I was feeling much better and all this grief and stuff I didn’t know was there was released.”

After an intense 12 years of spiritual awakening, she gave up law to devote herself to spiritual teaching and helping to empower others.

Since 2001 her goal has been to help people find inner peace and become more fulfilled than they ever thought possible.

For those who aren’t familiar with energy healing, Ms Durga describes it very simply. 

“Energy healing involves assessing your energy.

“From there we start cleaning out your energy centres.”

A lot of emotional and physical problems can stem from energy centres, and Ms Durga works with people to enable them to spiritually lift themselves. 

“A lot of stress pollutants can come into our energy fields and we feel a bit run down, a bit slow,” she said. 

“So we show people tools for how they can mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually lift themselves.” 

Shanti Mission is a not-for-profit charity that operates a wide-variety of projects and programs with the aim of creating inner peace and peace between people.

Ms Durga said the Shanti Mission aims to spread peace by teaching practical tools to help  people create peace in your experience both at work and at home. 

“It is transformational education and what I should note is how amazing it is to see how other people around you change,” Ms Durga said. 

“That difficult mother-in-law or boss suddenly changes because if you put out a different energy, you are treated differently.”  

Ms Durga has a healing centre in Canyonleigh and said it catered for any person who would like to improve their health and well-being and get more meaning out of life, regardless of religious affiliation or belief.

She said seminars, which developed life skills in a supportive environment, as well as cleansing and uplifting meditation and chanting practices, were a key part of the spiritual program.

“The programs help people discover how to have more joy and happiness, well being and peace in their lives,” she said.

There is an upcoming seminar in the Highlands at the end of February, to learn more visit