All the first aid tips you need for summer

In the summer holidays, there are trees to climb, new bikes to ride, new presents to play with and endless days to explore.

And sometimes, accidents happen.

Here are some first aid tips for some accidents that could occur during the excitement of the school holidays:

Bee stings:

  • Remove the sting by sliding or scraping your fingernail across it, rather than pulling it
  • Wash the area and apply ice to reduce swelling


  • Prevention of sunburn is most desireable, so to reduce your risk, remember to slip on sun-protective clothing, slop on sunscreen, slap on a hat, seek shade and slide on some sunglasses
  • There is no cure for the symptoms of sunburn, except time and patience, but to be more comfortable during healing: Drink plenty of water; bathe the area in cool water; don’t pop blisters; keep out of the sun until completely healed

Blue bottle sting:

  • Remove tentacles with a pair of tweezers or a gloved hand
  • Wash the site with lots of seawater, then immerse the area in tolerably hot water
  • If hot water is not available, apply ice packs, avoiding direct contact with the skin by wrapping the pack in a towel
  • Do not apply vinegar, urinate on or rub sand on the area


  • Treatment varies depending if the person is conscious or unconscious
  • If they are conscious, follow DRSABCD and advise them to seek medical attention if they display any signs of concussion, such as dizziness or nausea, blurred vision, vomiting, persistent significant headache, seizures or lose consciousness
  • If they are unconscious, place in the recovery position, clear and open airway and monitor breathing, and ensure you call an ambulance by dialling 000