‘Tis the season to take care on the roads

Do you ever feel like the road rules go out the window for many people during the busy Christmas period?

Sure there are always people – motorists and pedestrians – that will tempt fate or a behave as though they have right of way in every case.

But this level of road entitlement seems to go up several notches during the summer holiday period. 

Whether they are parking, driving or crossing the road people often lose their care and consideration of others during the holiday season.

Speeding, failure to use their indicator, not giving way when required and impatience with people who are reverse parking are common behaviours year-round that seem to become more prominent at this time of year.

And parking rules seem to be completely abandoned by many. In particular people parking to the edge of intersections.

This is never okay – in fact the law states that you cannot park within 10m of an intersecting road at an intersection without traffic lights unless a sign allows you to park there.

You cannot park within 20m of an intersecting road at an intersection with traffic lights unless a sign allows you to park there.

However it would seem that people think they can break this rule when they are attending a special community or school event. This is not the case.

Parking on the intersection blocks the view of other traffic navigating that intersection and hinders maneuverability.

If you can’t park close to an event then park further away and walk to your destination – the exercise and fresh air will do you good. 

Meanwhile, pedestrians crossing at random locations without watching out for traffic or walking behind reversing vehicles seems to reach a peak at this time of year.

Such behaviour puts the pedestrian in danger and pressure on motorists.

The bottom line is your life might get busy in the lead up and during the holiday season but the road rules don’t change.

Regardless of what you have to do, where you have to be and when you have to be there you should always be mindful of your safety on the road – both yours and the safety of others.

None of that Christmas shopping or holiday planning will mean a thing if you don’t survive the journey to enjoy the destination.


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