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Highlanders share their thoughts on matter close to their heart in letters to the editor. Photo: file
Highlanders share their thoughts on matter close to their heart in letters to the editor. Photo: file

Correction needed for ‘silly issues’

Oh dear, how will we Southern Highland News readers recall this year of 2017? Is the answer – mucky, murky, confusing and clapped out? 

A year where the very major issues of under employment, poor education, housing unaffordability, lack of asylum seeker solutions, and climate change have received virtually zero policy address from state and federal government.

Meanwhile, we’ve danced to the diversionary tunes of gay marriage, dual citizenship amid our pollies, and a seemingly sexual groping epidemic among notables.

It’s like UTOPIA on steroids! By the way, I think this brilliant and scarily on point satire should be mandatory viewing for secondary school students. 

If they get to understand at an early stage how ridiculous human society can make life, perhaps we’ll see a correction in the stance to what’s good and real, or not. Then again, maybe they’ll merely gain an early insight into how to play the game haha.

However, I have great faith in humanity, and applying both a law of physics (every action has a reaction), and an observation of history (it moves in cycles), I hold hope for a forthcoming correction of silly issues and a firm grasp of what really makes this world tick best.

Alexandra Springett

A Light the Night thank you

I’d like to thank everyone who supported the Leukaemia Foundation’s recent Light the Night fundraising walk in Bowral.

By raising money, carrying a lantern or donating, you’ve shone a light on families facing blood cancer, showing them they’re not alone even in their darkest hour.

The Leukaemia Foundation provides families with blood cancer with emotional and practical support, information and educational resources to beat blood cancer.

Almost $6100 has been raised by the wonderful Bowral community! Thanks to you, patients will receive transport to and from medical appointments, hundreds of regional families will be provided with free home-away-from-home accommodation near their treating centres and you are helping more Australians with blood cancer survive and live a better quality of life.

Thank you for your support as together we will be there to provide every family with the support services they need to beat their blood cancer.With your help we’re lighting the way forward.

Bill Petch

CEO - Leukaemia Foundation

Consider the ‘plight of oldies’

The twenty members of the NSW Senate who voted against the right of life self-determination must be people who have no feeling for the plight of oldies who have had enough of the pain and lack of dignity they suffer as they slowly move to the release that death will give them.

One senator said that with improvement to pain relief, the problem is resolving the physical pain, while bad enough, is not nearly as bad as the hopelessness of empty days, suffering a loss of any dignity as they head down a tunnel with no light at the end.

Have the dissenting Senators bothered to go to an aged care establishment and seen how horrible the end of life can be, which can be easily fixed. I would love to see the names of those 20 senators published.

Nick Campbell-Jones