RAAF visits Chevalier College

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly a fighter plane?

Students at Chevalier College got close to the real thing on Wednesday when the Royal Australian Air Force Simulator experience visited the school.

A few lucky students from Years 9-11 got the chance to learn more about careers in the Air Force and different avenues of entry.

Cheavlier’s Harrison Lazarus said it had “been brilliant”.

“It’s something I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to get all the information I can.”

Harrison said he was happy to fly “any and everything” from a chopper to a C17 or a jet.

RAAF officer cadet Jamie Steele said all students had taken to the opportunity to learn more about what could be their future careers.

She said there were some students who had already taken the first step towards becoming a part of the RAAF.

“They’re really excited and enthusiastic to learn and [there’s been] lots of questions,” she said.

Along with F18 Super Hornet simulator, students were also able to try on some of the pilot’s gear and try their hand at air traffic control.

During the briefing before being allowed on the simulator, students were warned to be careful- with the experience almost identical to a real jet.

There was also the VR simulator which gave students the opportunity to fly the PC9 training aircraft.

“There’s only so much you can find on the internet and we’re here to give our experience and hopefully motivate some young people,” officer cadet Steele said.

Two programs were held at the school on the day.

The first- which involved three sessions- offered the flight simulator experience to advanced math and physics students.

There was also a second program for advanced math and science students with classroom activities designed to give an idea of what the RAAF is all about.

While many may think the Air Force is all about being a pilot, officer cadet Steele said there were other career paths available.

“There are so many other different roles [from a pilot]- you can be a doctor, a lawyer, engineering. There’s a world of opportunity.”


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