Black Spot funding to make roads safer

Road widening and traffic lights at key locations in the Highlands have been earmarked for Black Spot Funding.

More than $4.7 million will be invested in the Wollondilly electorate as part of the NSW Government’s record $70 million on 172 vital safety upgrades to the state’s road network. 

Projects include road widening at Wilson Drive, Hill Top, and the installation of traffic lights at the interesection of Old Hume Highway and Braemar Avenue, Braemer.

Minister for Western Sydney Stuart Ayres announced the investment as part of the State Government’s Safer Roads Program. 

Wollondilly MP Jai Rowell said it was impossible to control all the variables that caused accidents, but urgent funding for black spots across communities would make roads as “safe and efficient as possible.”

“This important road safety program is funded through the Community Road Safety fund where all speed camera revenue is sent,” he said.  “This financial year’s improvements to the road network are estimated to save the equivalent of 419 deaths across NSW and serious injuries over the life of the projects.”

Other projects in the Wollondilly electorate include widening the shoulder, removing vegetation and installing Wire Rope Barrier (WRB) in a new painted median along 3.4 to 4km of Picton Road south of Macarthur Drive at Wilton and widening the shoulder, installing a widened centreline and installing two sections of WRB on the verge along 1.5km to 3.3km of Appin Road southeast of George Street at Appin.