A Word From the Sidelines | June 21

This oval has blue line markings.

It goes with the brilliant cloudless sky that is developing this morning.

Who says blue and green don't work together? 

That colour combination is everywhere this morning and I think it should be seen.

The other colour coming at me from all sides is flourescent yellow. Hi-vis vests are a feature of junior soccer.

There is plenty of help here. I definitely feel safe. The ratio may be one hi-vis person for 10 other people. No one is being left out this morning.

And they are doing a great job. One dude in a vest, cowboy hat and full neck beard is doing three things at once: shepherding small children off the field, administering aid to an injured player and shooing away a pitch-invading stray dog.

Give that man a medal. 

However, I'm just not sure the yellow works with the blue and green colour palette. The ground as a whole is starting to resemble one of the West Indies nation's flags; is it St Vincent and the Grenadines?

But, who am I to question what colours work on this beautiful and unseasonably warm Highlands morning? If anyone is going to nail the balmy, fresh feel of the Caribbean, it could only be the Highlands, couldn't it?

 – Garry Hol


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