Try the Southern Pie-lands best treats

It’s almost time to follow your nose to the Southern Highlands Best Pie Competition. 

Stone's Patisserie entry

Stone's Patisserie entry

The Aussie pie competition will be held as part of the Pie Time Festival, beginning this June. 

The competition will be open to professional, apprentice and home bakers and their savoury creations. 

The Southern Highland News will feature the special pies and their bakers in the lead-up to the mouth-watering competition to be held on June 22 and 23.  

Under the new promotion, Destination Southern Highlands will transform the Southern Highlands into the Southern Pie-lands. 

One of the planned festival events will be Dine With a Pie.

Under this event businesses will have the chance to sample the region’s signature pies at their hotels, cafes and restaurants. 

Businesses must register their involvement by April 28. 

To register, visit