Southern Inland NSW petrol prices shock motorists

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Motorists are revved up about the recent petrol price rise in Southern Inland NSW. 

Prices have risen as much as 24 cents a litre in parts of the region, according to a Goulburn fuel watcher who accused fuel companies of “gouging” in recent days. 

The cheapest fuel in the region was at Metro Fuel in Crookwell, on Carrington Street, which has continually had lower prices than neighbouring towns. 

The cheapest Unleaded 91 petrol found in the region on Thursday, January 12, was in Crookwell at Metro Fuel for $1.05 per litre. 

This was in stark comparison to the next best prices, being $1.27 per litre at BP Mittagong and $1.29 per litre  at Merino Fuels in Goulburn.

Motorists felt it deep in their hip pockets at Westside Braidwood and BP Queanbeyan which both sold Unleaded 91 for $1.35 per litre, while Yass had the dearest price tag on Unleaded 91. The cheapest price there was at United Petroleum for $1.47 per litre – a total of 42 cents more per litre than the region’s best price for fuel on the day. 

The Department of Fair Trading’s Fuel Check website revealed the costs of Unleaded 91 had stayed steady at $1.26 a litre across New South Wales from December 26 to January 3, but had risen to $1.38 on January 12. 

According to the website, fuel was at its highest average in NSW in a year. The price of Unleaded 91 was at its lowest in August 2016 at an average of $1.13 across NSW.

Metro Fuel in Crookwell also had the cheapest Unleaded 95 petrol at $1.16. The next cheapest fuel was a significant jump in price, at Westside Braidwood for $1.45 per litre. 

Merino Fuels, Goulburn had Unleaded 95 for $1.49, while BP Queanbeyan had it for $1.57 and BP Mittagong and Yass Caltex, on Comur Street, both priced it at $1.59. 

It paid to be the driver of a Diesel vehicle, who kept some cash in the bank paying only $1.16 per litre at Metro Fuel Crookwell and $1.25 at the BP in Mittagong on Thursday.

It was $1.26 at Yass Caltex on Valley Way, and $1.27 at Metro Fuel Queanbeyan. The Goulburn Caltex Depot had the most expensive Diesel at $1.28 a litre. 

Anyone who converted to LPG is reaping the benefits. Despite Gas being at its highest average price across NSW, it still remains much cheaper than petrol. 

The fuel check website revealed Gas had risen from an average of 63 cents in July 2016 to 73 cents in January 2017. 

The cheapest Gas in Southern Inland NSW was found at United Petroleum, Yass, for 76 cents on Thursday, January 12, 2017. The most expensive price was at Westside Braidwood, Budget Goulburn and Caltex Bowral for 80 cents a litre.

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