Put yourself first at Azurite

EVERY now and again, it's absolutely crucial to put yourself first.

So often, 'me' time is the item on the to-do list that is overlooked for more pressing matters.

In the age of technology, when we are constantly accessible and sending a quick work email or paying a bill is so easy to do at all hours of the day, sometimes it's necessary to disconnect and recharge.

A holiday is a great escape, but a holiday that recharges your body and soul is most likely just what the doctor ordered.

This was the concept American-born Australian Trina Eliassen had in mind when she developed the New Beginnings Cleanse for her medical and wellness company, Azurite.

"The New Beginnings Cleanse is a mind and body detox and it's all about shedding the weight we learn to carry, spiritually, emotionally and physically, and guiding you back to your soul path."

The Australian company began as a provider of overseas cosmetic and reconstructive surgery - the burgeoning industry known as 'cosmetic tourism' - and has expanded to include a range of services to target spiritual wellness, based in Thailand.

Ms Eliassen said her passion for the health and healing industry motivated her to offer a comprehensive service that could be tailored to individual needs.

"When our souls are strong we can be anything," she said.

"We are born with a strong source inside of us, and when we're set back by distractions and challenges in our lives our bodies can manifest sadness and illness."

Ms Eliassen said one of her main motivations was to provide a personal experience to all clients, where they would feel safe and supported - whether they were looking for a cosmetic holiday or were intrigued by a wellness retreat.

"We personally handle all of our clients' surgery interactions, we pair them with internationally recognised and board-certified plastic surgeons and also provide a personal assistant."

Azurite has played a part in the transformation of clients from all over Australia - including the Southern Highlands - as well as New Zealand, America, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

"Our programs are about reconnecting with your true self," she said.

"When you connect to something bigger, you can do anything."

For more information, visit www.azurite.com.au or email trina@azurite.com.au