Lodge named the best hotel in the Highlands

Graeme and Marie Louise Corin. Photo supplied
Graeme and Marie Louise Corin. Photo supplied

PROUD owners of the Bundanoon Lodge are thrilled their property has been ranked the best hotel in the Highlands.

Graeme and Marie-Louise Corin have put in their time, money and energy to make the Lodge a success.

"Our four year anniversary at Bundanoon Lodge is coming up in February and we are extremely proud that we have taken a property with so much history... spent hundreds of thousands and worked so hard to fix her up and returned to her to her former glory," Mr Corin said.

After the effort the couple have put into the property, Mr Corin said he was very pleased with the top ranking result.

"You get out of it what you put in," he said. Prior to the Corin's purchasing the Lodge, the property had been closed for six years.

Mr Corin praised all the work and planning his wife had done for the Lodge.

"Most of the thanks should go to Marie-Louise.

"She had a vision for Bundanoon Lodge and her eye for detail impresses all our guests. I just cook a not-bad breakfast," he said.