Southern Highlands International Folk Dancers

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WITH their colourful scarves and flowing skirts, you could be forgiven for thinking the flowers were dancing in Corbett Gardens.

The members of the Southern Highland International Folk Dancing group entertained the crowd at Tulip Time, dancing in the middle of Corbett Gardens.

The group performed a variety of dances from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Israel and the Ukraine.

Organiser Margaret Connor said this was the 21st year the group had danced at Tulip Time.

“We created these costumes especially for the festival,” she said.

“We also have more traditional and authentic costumes for other occasions.”

Ms Connor said members came along – some for 20 years – to enjoy the social exercise.

“We are also learning about other cultures, their styles of dance, music and rhythm,” she said.

“It adds even more colour to Tulip Time and there’s always people who come and join in, they seem to really embrace it.

“We must adorn every fridge in the world, the amount of photos we get.”

Member Joan Lawrence has been dancing with the group for 20 years.

“It keeps me fit, and I love the music and varieties of dance,” she said.

Nora Clarke, who recently turned 90, agreed: “I love it, it’s good for your health and your brain.”

Member Margaret ‘Pippi’ Giltrap owed folk dancing to her recovery after her had a stroke from a brain tumour.

“The doctor told me I should take up belly dancing or folk dancing,” she said.

“Before I started, I could barely remember where I was walking, but now it’s amazing what it does for your brain.”

The group meets weekly at the Presbyterian Hall in Bowral. Beginners classes are held each Thursday at 10.30am.

For more information, contact Margaret Connor on 4861 2294.

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