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20 years of caring service

MODERN APPROACH: Southern Highlands Funerals takes a modern approach to end of life celebrations, offering suggestions to personalise funerals. Photo: Supplied.

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Southern Highlands Funerals have been serving the suburbs of Moss Vale, Bowral and surrounds for over 20 years.

They are the trusted name that the community turns to when experiencing loss, providing a place of support and understanding.

When a loved one departs this life, grief is an important process but is often overshadowed by administration duties, which is where Southern Highlands Funerals steps in.

They not only provide genuine emotional support, but they also offer practical guidance, taking a full-service approach to funeral planning and end of life services.

They offer individually tailored assistance, understanding that everyone has different circumstances and preferences when it comes to celebrating the life of a loved one.

Their comprehensive services are always carried out with the greatest empathy. This includes advice and assistance in funeral planning at any location of choice, use of their beautiful chapel, catering for gatherings and receptions, vehicle supply, among many other details.

Southern Highlands Funerals takes a modern approach to end of life celebrations and are experienced in crafting both traditional and contemporary funerals with a unique finesse.

Their dedicated team take the time to get to know each individual family, learning about their story, the personality of the departed and the life they lived.

"By talking to families about the life of their loved ones I can better understand their likes, dislikes and hobbies. I can help by suggesting to them what I think they could do within a service, whether it be the type of music, or including cherished items like football jerseys of the deceased's favourite team," said funeral director Aiden Nye.

EXPERT ADVICE: Southern Highlands Funerals can provide advice on every element of a funeral, from floral tributes to burial and cremation options. Photo: Supplied.

Aiden and his team are well equipped to make suggestions and cater to personal requests, which are followed in precise detail.

"Our funeral directors have the strong ability to be able to sit and listen to people, and hear their wonderful stories about their loved ones. They use great initiative when planning services and are always attentive throughout the process and during the service," Mr Nye said.

Most people will only ever arrange two funerals in their lives, so it's obvious that navigating this affair can cause great confusion, made worse by the grief that surrounds such loss. It makes sense to have a team who can provide both emotional support, and sound logistical advice.

Southern Highlands Funerals have enduring industry experience, with the ability to advise on burial and cremation options, legal documentation and manage an international repatriation service.

Giving families access to information means they can focus their energy on supporting and spending time with one another, an important factor in the wake of life events that carry such gravitas.

What really makes Southern Highlands Funerals stand apart in the industry, is their dedication to educating the community about grief, including the effect it can have on both children and adults.

"Our role is to ensure that a family's needs are met throughout the whole process.

"Showing that we are there for them, and that we will do anything possible to help them celebrate the life of their loved ones is our priority. Time is a big factor as well, we don't want to rush anyone," said Mr Nye.

This is branded content for Southern Highlands Funerals.