Three generations combine their experience and specialist knowledge right here in Berrima

MORE THAN 65 YEARS' EXPERIENCE: If you have a diesel vehicle and want it looked after by the best in the business then you need to visit Berrima Diesel Service.
MORE THAN 65 YEARS' EXPERIENCE: If you have a diesel vehicle and want it looked after by the best in the business then you need to visit Berrima Diesel Service.

Berrima has everything to offer and just a kilometre south of Berrima village, tucked quietly away hidden behind a stand of trees, sits one of Australia's most well-known automotive specialist workshops, Berrima Diesel Service. The family business, specialising in diesel since 1956, now involves three generations combining their experience and specialist knowledge that is sought after, Australia wide.

It started many years ago when patriarch Reinhard Leimroth, trained as a diesel technician by Bosch in Germany in 1956, was sent to Australia as a trouble shooter in 1960. Andrew followed in his father's footsteps and after finishing school at Chevalier College, studied to become an automotive technician. He achieved national recognition awards during his mechanical studies and is Australia's premier turbo installer, having fitted three turbos a week for the past 30 years. The third generation are Andrew's sons Trent and Baden working alongside their father and grandfather in the business for the past five years. The Leimroth family have been active in the Berrima community for 40 years, having owned the general store, being members of Berrima Rural Bushfire brigade where Reinhard was captain for many years. His wife Barbara played organ in the Anglican church for many years and they are active members of the Residents' Association and the Berrima Business Houses association.

Customers travel to Berrima Diesel for their specialist diesel work from all over the country. Berrima Diesel has helped put the historic village of Berrima on the map nationwide. Customers often travel down for the day and drop their vehicle off, then spend the day in the village perusing the galleries and shops there. If the job requires an overnight stay, the Berrima Motel is the recommended place to stay for travellers awaiting their vehicle to be ready.

Reinhard, Andrew, Trent and Baden are the original 'diesel gurus' specialising in diesel fuel injection and are recognised worldwide in the 4WD community. They specialise in all aspects of 4WD diesel fuel injection including specialised injector servicing, fuel injection pump tuning, and turbocharging.

Recognised as Australia's leading diesel centre with an unmatched reputation in the industry for remedial work with problem diesel vehicles, such as those that smoke or lack power. They have appeared in numerous magazines and on TV over the years for their ability to rectify diesel problems.

They consult to diesel manufacturers and have performed specialist work for the Australian Defence Force, NSW Police and numerous state Fire Brigades. Berrima Diesel can provide people a level of service not available in their own areas, right here in the historic village of Berrima.