Peter Berner to perform at NSW Seniors Festival Comedy Show

BERNING DESIRE: Age hasn't wearied Peter Berner's appetite for laughs. Photo: Supplied.
BERNING DESIRE: Age hasn't wearied Peter Berner's appetite for laughs. Photo: Supplied.

HE may not have his Gold Opal card yet, but Peter Berner is embracing seniority and the new perspectives and extra doctor's visits that come with it.

The 58-year-old comedian will share his thoughts on ageing when he performs at the NSW Seniors Festival Comedy Show at Sydney Town Hall on April 13.

He will be joined by fellow comedians Dave Eastgate, Chris Ryan, Andrew Barnett, David Smiedt and Alice Fraser.

He says ageing forces a person to make several adjustments, some of which just might prove fertile ground for comedy.

"The ageing human body is an amusement park in itself. I've got a few doctors' numbers on speed dial, and I'm on a first-name basis with my proctologist."

"I'm not too far from movie discounts and the all-day Opal card, so there's a good side [to seniority] coming. They're my people now."

Peter Berner, comedian

But for this funnyman, ageing isn't just about colonoscopies and getting to know Australia's health professionals on more friendly terms: it's also about having a voice and the ongoing quest to stay relevant.

"I like to talk about everything from COVID to bushfires, to flooding rains. I draw a lot from current events, but it's all filtered through the prism of being a 58-year-old man.

He also feels the senior years provide a great opportunity for people to fight for important issues.

"I think there's an assumption that as you get older, the candle flickers and fades, but you see a lot of senior Australians at marches and protests.

"They grew up wanting change, and now they are fighting for their grandkids."

He identifies climate change and barriers preventing many young Australians from a good education as key areas of concern.

"I try to be very considered in the way I receive information. I'm wary of the Twitterverse, and I'm wary of Facebook. I like to read the source material whenever possible."

He also feels there is a good argument that many people are "seeking an echo chamber" these days.

"I'm a big fan of listening to alternate opinions. You may end up listening and dismissing an opinion, but at least you took the time to consider it."

Berner is currently focusing on creating and exhibiting his art and performing stand-up wherever possible.

Tickets to the show have already sold out, but the concert can be streamed online for free.

You can register at and enjoy watching this funny man at his finest.