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Call to consider the constituents

I am not writing to congratulate Angus Taylor on his elevation to Energy Minister.

However, I would say that it is a position that he richly deserves.

In fact, it is such a poisoned chalice that it could well have been Malcolm Turnbull’s final ‘gift’ to Angus Taylor. 

Within a few days of his elevation, Mr Taylor nailed his colors to the mast.

What tatty, grimy colors they are—and what a rickety mast. It is coal, coal, and coal all the way.

Angus Taylor’s advocacy of this lost cause flies in the face of reason and evidence.

Coal and fossil fuels are dirty; they pollute our lungs, our soil, our water, and our planet; they are major exacerbators of climate change; and with every passing day, cost-wise they are becoming less and less competitive with renewable energy.

Angus Taylor is first and foremost the Federal representative for Hume.

As such, he should be advancing the economic and social welfare of his constituents.

What benefits do coal and other fossil fuels contribute to this constituency?

Where are the coal mines and oil wells in Hume?

Where are the jobs, contracts, and incomes that come from coal mines and oil wells?

We all know the answer: there are none.

Instead, the benefits come, and are coming more and more, from wind and solar power, as well as from other forms of renewable energy.

These benefits will become ever more significant as the drought intensifies and as climate change proceeds apace.

However, they are rejected by Angus Taylor, in favour of fossil fuels, which pollute our environment, contribute to climate change, are uncompetitive with renewable energy, and contribute nothing to the constituency that he represents.

With his outdated, destructive ideology and lack of concern for the welfare of his constituents, why should Angus Taylor continue to represent the electoral division of Hume?

Brian Harlech-Jones