Young writer - The challenge of choosing a career path

Madison is looking to a career in law or journalism.
Madison is looking to a career in law or journalism.

We all have dream jobs which stem from our passions.

Madison Ibrahim

When I was younger, I had many ideas about what my career would be.

For a while, I wanted to be an interior designer, then a singer, then a vet. Now, I want to be either a lawyer or a journalist.

I can certainly say that my interests have changed in the past, so what is stopping them from changing again? 

As a high school student, I understand the pressure that is put on young people when it comes to choosing a career path.

We are forced to decide our futures before we know what we want them to be. Which is why as we get older, our passions tend to become suppressed and replaced by the expectations of others.

It is common for us to be pressured into choosing what others want us to choose. This is why many young people make decisions which aren't relevant to their goals due to the stress of having to find a "good" career so early in their lives. 

We all have dream jobs which stem from our passions. Our dream jobs are something which we enjoy, something we're good at, something we could do everyday.

People should be able to pursue the career they want simply because its their passion. However, that is not always the case.

There are plenty of young people whose career decisions have been made for them or have been made without much thought.

Young people are living under a set of standards when it comes to their futures which doesn't always account for their mental well-being.

If a person is unhappy and has no interest in a career, it becomes a chore, and motivation is difficult to sustain when completing a chore.

There is then a loss of willpower and no one can achieve a goal if they aren't willing to try and achieve that goal. 

Career choices for young people should be based around what they want to do.

However, there are not enough children who are given that freedom. This is why, rather than setting a bar of expectations, children should be learning how to develop skills which allow them to find what they enjoy.

The focus should be on helping children to feel confident in their own decisions and interests, not the interests of others.

A self-assured person will have the motivation to attain the career that interest them. An unhappy, self-doubting person will not.

The future of the world belongs to young people and the futures of young people belong to them. Here’s hoping we can all make the right choice and thrive.


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