Moss Vale High School students learn what it takes to be a BOSS

Year nine commerce students at Moss Vale High School learned this week what it takes to be a boss.

Teacher Ashlee Randall enrolled the students in the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) $20 BOSS program, a term-long, immersive entrepreneurial exercise tied to their curriculum which sees students create and promote their own business from the ground up.

“As part of their assessment in commerce on promoting and selling, I enrolled them in the $20 BOSS program. They create their own business ideas and FYA provide $20 investment,” Ms Randall said.

Students had to create their own business ideas and present them in a ‘Shark Tank’ style presentation to receive feedback and the $20 capital contribution.

What the students came up with was a food stall market set up in their school assembly hall, selling everything from pizza and fudge to cupcakes and popcorn.

“They could have chosen to do something that wasn’t food related but it wouldn’t have sold as well at school and part of the assignment is to have an understanding of your consumer,” Ms Randall said.

By Monday lunchtime, the students were busy putting finishing touches on their food items for sale and the line to enter the assembly hall extended well past the cafeteria.

The initial $20 investment will be handed back to FYA, and profits made on the day are to be given to a charitable cause. More than $600 was made and will be donated to local drought-stricken farms.