Goulburn Weather Station records minus 9.2 degrees.

FROZEN DAM: A frozen dam at Run O Waters Estate on Sunday. Photo Peter Oliver.
FROZEN DAM: A frozen dam at Run O Waters Estate on Sunday. Photo Peter Oliver.

It’s so cold this winter that many residents are reporting their false teeth are chattering – in the glass. 

Joking aside, this is a very cold winter indeed. People’s pipes are freezing, leaving them without water for their morning showers. On farms, small dams are also freezing over. 

On July 21 and 22 the temperature dropped to minus 9.2 degrees at the Goulburn Airport Weather Station. 

A spokesperson from the Bureau of Meteorology confirmed this is three degrees colder than average for July.

“The clear nights and clear skies, combined with dry conditions, are making for some very cold temperatures in the district,” the spokesperson said. 

Frozen Dam at Run O Waters

It was also cold this time last year. On July 22, 2017 it was also minus 9.4.

The previous record for July (at the Airport weather station) was minus 10.4 on July 2, 2017.

The coldest temperature ever recorded at this weather stations was minus 10.9 on August 17, 1994. 

Goulburn has two weather stations – at the Airport and at the TAFE. The TAFE station’s readings are a bit warmer due to its higher elevation. 

The Airport Weather Station has been in operation for 29 years, while the TAFE Weather Station has been operating for 46 years. 

The coldest temperature recorded at the TAFE Weather Station was minus 8.5 on July 21, 1982. 

“Typical minimums at the TAFE for July are minus 1.7, so we have been about 3-4 degrees colder than the long term average,” the Bureau spokersperson said. 

“The dry conditions are allowing the ground surface of the earth to cool quicker than usual.”

There have also been widespread frosts.

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