No more excuses – Road safety it’s up to us

With school holidays well under way and the road death toll increasing, the new road safety campaign for NSW says it all – NO MORE EXCUSES.

Road safety is up to each of us, the decisions we make and our attitude to our safety and everyone else’s on road. 

Driving around it is not difficult to find examples of poor driving skills or decisions, however before we judge others it is easy to make an excuse for our own poor decisions and dismiss the “little things” we get wrong. 

Drivers must be aware that even the little things can contribute to the increasing dangers on our roads. 

Driving is a complex task that demands complete awareness and focus at all times.

It is a conscious decision to rush, to cut corners, to answer the phone or to be angry at others. After all it is easy to believe it’s all about yourself and not about the holistic picture of every road user. 

People are human, they will make mistakes it comes with the job, rather than intimidate the person making the mistake, what happened to helping them, giving them room to correct or think, and being the better driver around them.

Do not get angry and tailgate, intimidate and yell or throw fists. (Yes this is sadly a daily occurrence in our job as an instructor and it is across all age groups).  Anger has no place on the road – end of story. 

It is recommended that we all take three seconds before we turn the key on to be mindful, of how we feel and what is happening around us. We refer to this as our personal compass. Is there anything we can do to bring things into our control before we drive. Emotions are often at the top of the list, check in with yourself, and if are you okay to drive or not? 

Driving is not just a task we all do and it’s a right, it most certainly is a privilege, one we earn and one we strive to hold by keeping everyone safe and alive. All the road safety campaigns are hollow until we the drivers change our behaviours on road, so much has been done in road safety education but it will always come back to the driver’s choices.

Until all drivers understand their role in road safety the death toll will remain, until drivers put into action safe, sound decision making, people will die on our roads. These drivers are you and me, it starts with us. Let’s make a difference and not excuses, be safe on road, more tolerant and polite to each other and don’t break the laws, you may not agree with them but they are there for the greater good – everyone’s safety. 

Here is a short list of some things to avoid when driving for everyone’s safety:

  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Don’t drive if you’re tired
  • Don’t drive if you’re sick or emotional
  • Check your medications if it affects you’re driving
  • Don’t overtake if not needed, check your own speed the person in front just may be doing the speed limit
  • Don’t get angry at other drivers, there is no excuse for this, we are all human
  • Nothing is worth rushing for on road – NOTHING
  • Don’t speed the limit is there for a reason, if it says 50 don’t go over 50, it really is a no brainer yet drivers constantly push the limit, when it goes wrong sorry is not good enough to the victims. 

Teach your children and grandchildren by good role modelling when driving, it’s the only way to change the future death toll, we can no longer say don’t do what I do to young drivers – no excuses. Be the role model, help make the change and don’t be afraid to admit your mistakes to young drivers, they need to see no one is perfect so they understand drivers are not always going to make good choices around them. 


- Sue Tyler