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What about Moss Vale?

I refer to your cover story from last Friday's paper (SHN July 13) regarding the cancellation of the ever-popular Southern Highlands Food and Wine Festival.

What a loss to our local tourism industry if indeed this festival is cancelled.

I do hope that another suitable venue in the Highlands is found in time. 

I am disappointed that council could not find an alternative if indeed they have received complaints about this festival to be held in Berrima.

The Berrima community has long benefitted from Australia Day, I cannot understand why a two-day festival that would do so much to stimulate the village economy is so objectionable? 

I can’t help but feel that this “not in my backyard” attitude could be to the detriment of our whole community. We need to think in terms of the region as a whole, not just a township.

Is this just a case of a few squeaky wheels getting the oil at the expense of the whole trolley? 

There seems to be a lot of interest in moving the event to Moss Vale – I think that would be a great idea.

Our lovely Moss Vale has come along in recent years and has proven it can host great attractions like the Moss Vale Show and the Battle of the Buskers.

The main street has been spruced up and attracted many new businesses and it would be wonderful if other people from outside the region to see what we already appreciate.

It would also be good for businesses in the town. 

It would be such a pity if we lost the opportunity this event affords to showcase our award winning local producers and to bring the community together at such a fun event.  

Carol Jordan 

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