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Station Street plan is ‘not progress’

I use Station Street most days in both the morning and afternoon peak periods, often in both directions, and also during the day.  

The proposed upgrade will do nothing to ease the traffic flow because the problem is the overpass near the train station and the traffic lights there.

Widening the street to four lanes will not remove the cause of the problem.

While ever there is only one way, and right in the middle of the town, for traffic from the western side of town to get to the east the problem will persist.

Have council also considered that putting a roundabout opposite Links Road will turn that single lane road into a through street?

That will be a disaster.

To destroy that magnificent avenue of trees at the entrance to Bowral and hundreds of other trees down Station Street and to reduce parking near the station when we should be increasing the number of parking spaces, for negligible gain, is lunacy.

It is not progress to turn the town into a copy of Chatswood Mall.

I have to ask myself who will benefit from this?

I then ask when is the next council election?

Jim Brokenshire


Separation needed for safety

I would like to again address the issue of mental health in relation to psychiatric institutions.

In these institutions male clients are usually placed with female clients.

As I have raised in previous letters, there are challenging times for many clients who at the time are not well and perhaps behave in ways that are contrary to societal norms (yes apparently their still are a few left). 

I feel it would benefit the female clients if they were separated from the male clients in these psychiatric facilities for their own safety.

D Smith



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