Battle for Berrima calls for NSW MPs to oppose coal mining in Sydney Water Catchment

NSW politicians will be sent a ‘desktop reminder’ with a difference.

As they are surveyed about whether they support or oppose coal mining in the Sydney Water Catchment ahead of a parliamentary debate next week, they will be sent a jar containing a lump of coal and water.

Battle for Berrima president Ken Wilson said the message was that coal and water “just don’t mix”.

“This is especially true of the Sydney Water Catchment where unbelievably coal exploration and mining is not only allowed by the NSW Government to take place but future proposals for new mines and extensions of existing mines are being seriously considered,” he said.

“We are also surveying each and every member of Parliament to ask if they either oppose or support coal mining within the Sydney Drinking Water Catchment.

“Millions of people who rely on this water want to know from their elected representatives where they stand on this issue - it’s #Time2Choose.”

Mr Wilson said in many locations coal mines continued to cause significant damage to water systems that fed into the catchment.

“That issue and the prospect of other current and future coal mines causing irreversible damage to the Catchment spurred 13500+ to sign a petition.”

The petition calls for:

  • A moratorium on any coal mining in the Catchment
  • An immediate audit of all discharges from disused, operating and mothballed coal mines in the Catchment
  • An open and transparent Parliamentary Inquiry into the issue of coal mining within the Catchment

Mr Wilson said the the petition would be debated in the Legislative Assembly on May 24.