Development application lodged for Braemar subdivision

Driving out of the Highlands, All Aboard has been a feature of the landscape for years.

A development application (DA) is now with council or a seven lot subdivision at 68-72 Old Hume Highway and 74 Old Hume Highway, Braemar- which encompasses the All Aboard site.

All Aboard sells model railway sets and accessories.

A previous DA was refused in 2017.

The site is zoned R2 Low Density Residential under the Wingecarribee Local Environmental Plan 2010 and in this zone the proposed subdivision is permissible. 

Previous concerns about such a development included the potential for flooding in the area.

A Flood Impact Assessment prepared by Catchment Simulation Solutions said the proposed development was expected to produce only minor changes to current flood levels.

“The majority of the impacts are contained within the proposed site and those impacts that are predicted to extend outside of the development site are generally beneficial and small in magnitude,” it said.

The report said the development would include a new stormwater drainage system on the site.

Peak water depths along this flow path are generally predicted to remain below 0.2 metres with a localised increase to 0.3 metres near the northern site boundary.

A Statement of Environmental Effects prepared by Civil Development Solutions said if approved, the development would not have an adverse impact on any adjoining properties.

“It is located within an emerging residential precinct with recent approvals for similar subdivision,” it said.

“The proposal represents an economic use of land that is currently available for residential development and is under utilised when measured against the opportunities afforded by the zoning and minimum lot size.”

The report said the development would generate about 70 vehicle movements a day which would be a “net decrease” of what was currently occurring with the business generating more traffic than this on most days of operation.

Some trees would need to be removed for the construction of houses on the site if approved.

According to the  Environmental Effects report the nearest heritage site to the development is Braemar Lodge which listed on the WLEP201 0 Heritage listings.

However it said the subdivision would not be in a prominent location which would impact on the views to and from the heritage building which is oriented away from the site. 

Substantial trees also exist on the adjoining lot between the heritage building and the subdivision boundary.

More information on the proposed development can be found on council’s DA Tracker- 18/0171.