Top effort by netballers | PHOTOS

Despite windy conditions, netballers were on the ball for round two of the Southern Highlands Netball Association competition.

The games were held at Eridge Park on Saturday, April 14.

Practice has paid off for several teams, with strong results across all divisions.

In the netta division, MVD White had a 2-1 win over BBF Blue.

In the junior division one, MVD Red had a 10-15 loss over BBF Purple, and Oxley defeated the Mittagong Pumas 10-0.

In the junior division two, Mittagong had a 13-6 win over BBF.

In the junior division three, the Mittagong Leopards were defeated by MVD Black.

Meanwhile Oxley defeated BBF Purple 18-1, and BBF Pink had a 31-17 win over the Mittagong Tigers.

In the intermediate division, MVD Red had an 18-17 win over BBF Pink, and SHCS had a 13-13 draw with MVD White.

The Mittagong Panthers were defeated by BBF Blue 13-17, and Mittagong Lynx were defeated 8-14 by Oxley.

In the opens, MVD Ladies Red played a strong game, defeating Mittagong Netball Club 59-10.

MVD Ladies Red was also in strong form with a 44-6 win over BBF Black. BBF Blue was defeated 24-21 by MVD Blue.

In the cadets competition, MVD Green was defeated by BBF Pink 30-8.

Meanwhile MVD White had a 32-20 win over MVD Red.

The Southern Highlands Netball Association competition will resume on Saturday, May 5. In the netta division, BBF Pink will play BBF Blue and the Mittagong Cubs will go up against MVD White.

In the junior division one competition, BBF Purple will take on MVD Black and the Mittagong Pumas will play MVD Red. In the junior division two competition, BBF Pink will test its skills against BBF Blue.

Also in the junior division two competition, the Mittagong Jaguars will play for a win against BBF Purple and MVD Grey will take on MVD White.

In the junior division three competition, MVD Black will take to the court against the Mittagong Tigers.

Meanwhile the Mittagong Leopards will play BBF Purple, and BBF Pink will take on Oxley.

In the intermediate division, Oxley will play the Mittagong Panthers and BBF Blue will be in competition will the Mittagong Lynx.

Meanwhile SHCS will play MVD Red, and MVD White will play BBF Pink.

In the opens competition, MVD Ladies Red will play BBF Blue, MVD Ladies Blue will take on MVD Ladies White and MVD Ladies Grey will play Mittagong Netball Club.

In the cadets competition, MVD White will take on MVD Black, BBF Pink will play MVD Red and MVD Green will take on BBF Purple.