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‘We are missing out on millions’

There is no doubt Councillor Larry Whipper’s memory is his servant! 

He had a few words on 2ST today (Thursday, March 1) and his memory certainly works to help him with his blocking of development, even the kind ratepayers want.

There has been $100 million dollars worth of development refused in the past 12 months and most of it supported by council staff who, unlike the blockers, actually know what they are talking about, and the benefits to the community.

The latest thing blocked by totally untrained councillors is the Southern Highlands Wines’ development which would have delivered millions of dollars to council, created hundreds of jobs and is the best type of development for this area.

We are missing out on millions of tourist dollars because we don’t have anywhere with the accommodation needed to cover the ever-increasing need.

Tourism is the best type of development. 

Tourists visit, spend their dollars supporting the local economy, and then go home.

The Southern Highlands Wines’ proposal was blocked primarily because a couple of councillors didn’t like the type of architecture. 

Evidently Tuscan architecture is not on, though there doesn’t seem to be a reason of any value iterated by the nay sayers.

The buildings would be spread over a large area and when trees had grown, would have been unnoticeable, having no effect on the rural countryside.

So there will be no large monies spent on infrastructure nor meaningful jobs created because of the opinions of a few untrained councillors who obviously don’t have our interests at heart.

Good one!

Nick Campbell-Jones


A column last week about Roma or Gypsy people and the Moss Vale show included some commentary that could be considered offensive. We have retracted that article and we apologise for any offence it may have caused. 


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