Author Sally Hepworth to visit the Southern Highlands

Sally Hepworth. Photo: supplied

Sally Hepworth. Photo: supplied

Life in Pleasant Court is not what it seems.

A suburban neighbourhood filled with happy families is home to some deep and dark secrets.

The arrival of a new neighbour will trigger unforeseen events and disrupt the peaceful lives those living in Pleasant Court have worked so hard to create.

Sally Hepworth’s latest book The Family Next Door is nothing if not intriguing and will be the topic of discussion when she visits the Southern Highlands next month.

Already a literary success, her new novel has a slightly different twist to previous works.

Sally said The Family Next Door was a “domestic suspense” but as with all her previous books, still touched on women, women’s health and relationships.

‘Ultimately it’s still a sally Hepworth book.”

Highlanders will be able to enjoy being In Conversation with Sally at Centennial Vineyards on March 2.

This will be part of a tour that includes Sydney, other parts of NSW and Melbourne before she heads over to the US.

With another two contracts under her belt, Sally has already written her next novel The Mother In Law which she expects to be released early next year.

This too will have a suspense twist to it, which Sally said has been a fun way to write.

“For me the goal was just to publish a book and to have been a success if a dream come true.

“I hope to be able to keep doing it for a few more years- or forever.”

So where does Sally continue to draw inspiration from?

She believes it is from personal experience, stories she’s been told and interesting news articles she’s read.

But when writing The Family Next Door there was no “spark that came from the heavens.”

“It was a culmination of a year of my thoughts and worries and neurosis. It just poured out onto the page.”

But it is for just this reason Sally believes her books have been a success.

She said the domestic setting was something all people could were able to relate to.

Having lived overseas, Australia is now home for Sally and her family “for the foreseeable future”.

When writing she likes to work at her local library.

“I find something really inspiring about being in a space surrounded by books and people.

"And the lunch options are better,” she joked.

And as she continues on her literary journey, Sally said she would continue to focus on women’s health.

“Postpartum mood disorders are something quite important to me. I like to write about [women’s health] to keep people talking about it and get people comfortable with it.”

The event at Centennial will begin from 10.30am.

Tickets will cost $30 each and can be purchased from The Bookshop Bowral or call 4862 1634.


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