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Last month I wrote about the keys to business success. One of the most important keys of business success is networking.

To successfully network with other businesses you need to have a great business pitch. 

Steve Horton

Steve Horton

1) Prepare, prepare, prepare: Selling your business or idea is as much how well you present it as it is the product itself. So know your audience, product and expected outcome.

2) Practice your pitch: We all know that "practice makes perfect". This is a must for having that business pitch that makes an impact. The more familiar and comfortable you are with your pitch, the more effective your presentation will be. 

3) Tell a great story: While some presentations are more formal and have rigid structures, pitches tend to have more flexibility and presenting your pitch as a story can be much more compelling than a list of facts.

4) Promote yourself and your business: The best pitches not only tell a compelling story, but also promote the business and themselves as smart and savvy. 

5) Make your presentation visual and interactive: If giving a business pitch makes you think of PowerPoint slides and bullet points, then you're doing it wrong. A common thread for successful business pitches is that they are visual and even interactive. 

6) Keep your cool: Giving any sort of presentation is nerve-wracking enough. It can really feel like you're stepping into the hot seat and putting yourself out there. And when the questions start pouring in, it can sometimes feel like you're getting "attacked."

But keeping your cool can pay off big time. 

I invite you to try your pitch at our 6 Degrees of Separation event. For more information check out our web page at www.shchamber.com.au or call 0477012151


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