Moss Vale High students start the year reading the same book

Moss Vale students reading Tales from Outer Suburbia.
Moss Vale students reading Tales from Outer Suburbia.

Moss Vale High students kicked off the new school year by coming together and reading the same book. 

For the fifth consecutive year, students took part in the Kick Off with Reading program. 

This year, the chosen book was Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan, and on February 6, each student and staff member received their very own copy. 

Over the coming weeks, the school will be undertaking a number of lessons based on the book.

An anthology of fifteen short stories, Tales from Outer Suburbia is a beautifully illustrated book where each story takes place in a surreal environment that places strange characters in an even stranger land.

Many of the stories are touched by the perspective of an outsider looking in, conveying both the heavy and humorous side of living in a foreign land. Each tale is emotionally moving and engagingly illustrated.

Many students and teachers began reading this book by looking at the illustrations on the cover, the end papers, and throughout. Looking closely, they noticed more and more detail, with intricate and fantastical creatures, unusual events and interesting situations.

By reading Tales from Outer Suburbia, students and teachers will be challenged to extend their understanding of others.