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‘Mittagong is missing out’

The new year is a time to tidy up and throw out those old files. Reflection can be distracting but often revealing.

Ten years of rate notices is too many to keep, however, from a quick glance we see our pensioner discounted rates have increased 67 per cent and water and sewerage usage  costs by 100 per cent.

This is in stark contrast to the age pensions for a couple in their own home which has increased by only 48 per cent.

Surely, with improved productivity, a well-managed shire can provide these basic services within reasonable cost of living guidelines used to set aged pensions.

If the extra rates are to improve infrastructure then Mittagong is missing out.

Those of us who live on the Renwick side of Mittagong still do not have a made footpath to the railway station and town centre. 

Mothers with babies in pushers and the elderly have to walk on the road and compete with vehicles to cross the rail overpass.

Perhaps the shire decision-makers should get back to focusing on the basics.

Marcus McInnes


Our say…

Keep your cool

We’ve previously run this tips for keeping your cool but thought a reminder was in orden ahead of the predicted hot weather expected over the weekend. They are:

- Place bottles of frozen water in front of a fan

- Sleep with a hot water bottle filled with frozen peas

- Keep your socks in the fridge – cooling our extremities helps to lower our overall temperature.

- Never sleep naked – cotton pyjamas draw heat away from your body

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