Local Leader | Highlands Drive Safe: Bring loved ones and holiday memories home safely

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, families will be on the move to their holiday destinations.

Many will arrive safely, others may not.

One of the main causes of these often fatal accidents is FATIGUE. 

In the rush to get to our holiday destination and enjoy the break, we forget that our bodies need rest and that we do not function well in a state of fatigue.

Decision making and driving skills wane when the body and brain are tired.

Sue Tyler

Sue Tyler

This Christmas holiday there are a few things you can do to reduce your risk of fatigue-related vehicle accidents and make it home safely with your holiday memories. 

Know the signs of fatigue: yawning, eye lids closing, micro sleeps and eyes unable to focus, day-dreaming, wandering in lane, mood changes. These are all signs you are already over-fatigued.

Keep yourself hydrated. Fatigue can be exacerbated by dehydration. Keep a supply of fresh water to drink. 

Take a rest every two hours – STOP, REVIVE, SURVIVE!  Stop, Revive, Survive areas that offer tea, coffee, and biscuits to travellers are along major highways.


  • Do not work all day then travel long distances
  • Plan to stay overnight somewhere to rest
  • Share the driving 
  • Avoid caffeine, cola drinks and sugary foods 
  • Eat healthy foods – fruit, sandwiches, nuts and dried fruit are great ways to replenish your energy.

This Christmas let’s all enjoy our holidays and bring back our memories and our loved ones safely. 


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