Your say...letters to the editor

A merry Christmas message

I would like to take the opportunity to wish all Southern Highland News readers a truly happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

May the time spent for family, friends and loved ones be an investment that bring lasting happiness and joy.

Although councillors are in recess over January.

However, I am still available for any assistance or advocacy that I may be able to provide.

I would also like to wish all the staff at Southern Highlands News warm wishes for Christmas and 2018.

Thank you for  keeping the Wingecarribee informed throughout the year.

I look forward to working together with the people of the Wingecarribee again in 2018 to preserve and protect our quality lifestyle, unique environment, sense of community  and local autonomy and to challenge those who would put these at risk.

Cr Larry Whipper


‘Two jobs, instead of one’

The topic I wish to discuss is the feminist movement and the affects we have seen thus far in this social experiment.

Taking women away from the home has, as I can observe, achieved this.

Woman have two jobs instead of one.

From recent statistics it appears that women are not only earning a wage but also have the job of home management and responsibility that this entails.

What? Have women become slaves of men?

Please don’t construe from this that I am embracing conservative values. 

There are men who owe their success to the women who prop them up.

Perhaps I have a relatively subjective view on this matter, but these have been my observations thus far.

I fear the future effects this may have on society.

Maybe I have misinterpreted the data.

Or maybe I’m just an old dinosaur who remembers fondly a past era.

D Smith