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If you are looking for a present for someone in their 50s or 60s, books about retirement could be the best present they’ll get this Christmas. They can make the difference between having a happy and satisfying retirement or just surviving.

Most people in their 50s and 60s who are thinking about their retirement are generally told to get their money organised. That’s important, but money is only the means to an end. It’s equally important to consider a range of important lifestyle issues if you really want to enjoy life in retirement.

That’s why we have published the most comprehensive range of retirement planning books in Australia. One or more of these books would be a great Christmas present for anyone approaching or in the first years of retirement (including you).

Here’s what they cover –

A Holistic Guide to a Happy Retirement helps you to get an understanding about what life in retirement is really like. It covers handling change, your health, your finances, relationships, your mind and emotions and future work. It’s written by over 20 different experts and has been used by three major superannuation funds.

How to Be Happy, Retired and Single is the singles version of “The Rest of Your Life”. Retirement for singles is quite different to the issues that couples need to manage, and is a topic that is largely ignored by the retirement industry. 

How to Stay Healthy, Active and Sharp in Retirement. We are not condemned to an inevitable future of declining physical and mental capacity. The medical experts who wrote chapters in this book have stated that it’s possible to delay and sometimes avoid many of the common effects of ageing. Learn how from this book.

How Your Relationship can Thrive in Retirement. You can have financial security, but if your important relationships aren’t good, you’re unlikely to be very happy in the years ahead. This book focuses on the issues that mature adults need to manage in retirement.

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