Commander's Desk with Andrew Koutsoufis | Slow down, kids around in summer

Last week I had the pleasure of going to the launch of the Little Blue Dinosaur program in Bowral.

This is a road safety awareness program for little kids, reminding them and their parents about things like holding hands to cross the road, especially through the school holiday period.

Hume LAC

Hume LAC

The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation was set up by Michelle and David McLaughlin in 2014 after their young son was tragically killed in a pedestrian accident while on holidays.

The foundation runs campaigns aiming to teach young children about road safety, as well as raise awareness for drivers and parents.

As part of the campaign in the Southern Highlands, colourful signs with ‘Holiday Time: Slow Down, Kids Around’ on them will be put up at places that a popular with children in summer school holidays.

The Hume Local Area Command is supporting the program and want drivers and parents in the whole region to take the message on board.

In the blink of an eye, tragedy can occur.

Kids haven’t got their antennae fully up until they’re much older, they just don’t have the brain development to make them safe enough.

I remember when I was in Year 3, a little six year-old boy lost his life outside my school.

He ran across the road to meet his parents at pick up – I can still hear the screeching tyres. 

Things like that stay with you.

The Little Blue Dinosaur is just another program to increase awareness for both children and other road users, and to encourage them to take extra care, because cops can’t be everywhere.

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