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Highlanders share their thoughts on topics that matter to them. Photo: File
Highlanders share their thoughts on topics that matter to them. Photo: File

Timetable is the issue

The article in the Highlands Post/Southern Highland News covers the $40million investment on track improvements.

That is much welcomed by the commuters of the work by ARTC. The issue is the new timetable introduced by City Rail. It is a shocker for commuters to get to the city in the morning.

There is a strong support from Highlands people for an Express Service in the morning, that City Rail continues to ignore and instead, has lessen the services. The elderly and disabled persons are also made to change trains.

R Barton

‘Motherhood was a vocation’

I hope my previous letter readers have not been misled into believing that I embraced the status quo in the past male/female relations.

I merely wanted to relate to the fact that motherhood in the past was viewed as a vocation. A sacred calling and that she was afforded the respect accordingly. That society did not shunt her off into the workforce shortly after the child was born.

When I was very young at school we were shown a documentary on Russia. One thing I vividly remember is all the children were interned in daycare centres while both parents worked. Society, as I observe today, is not much different to this documentary.

D Smith

Call to rethink Station Street

Wingecarribee Mayor Councillor Ken Halstead needs to hear points made in these pages last week by Dr John Hewson, about getting the message, about listening to the community.

As Highlands Matters hands out flyers about the proposed Station Street upgrade, and seeks signatures on a petition, community members become horrified at what is being pushed through council.

The starting point with most people we approach is that spending $9.5 million on infrastructure in Bowral has to be a good thing, surely. Not really. When we explain that the Station Street upgrade replaces the unique heritage entrance to Bowral with a large complex roundabout and destroys signature and significant trees and camellias along Station Street and in car parks, most people ask: where do I sign the petition?

And when we point out that it destroys Bowral transport interchange, separates the station from the town by a four-lane road, replaces a safe car park with on street parking on a heavy vehicle route, and is driven by a grant from the NSW government, most people ask: how can my friends sign the petition?

The mayor might learn also from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, about taking charge of a difficult issue. Unlike the Prime Minister, our mayor is not under daily pressure, our mayor cannot be challenged until September 19, 2018, all councillors are safe in their seats until September 2020.

But our mayor might make his own decision to be proactive on Station Street, opening the issue again, asking staff to refresh their views, seeking outside expert opinion, undertaking genuine consultation with the community, canvassing options, and consulting with the Member for Wollondilly about how flexible the NSW Government’s infrastructure grant might be.

Alan Olsen

Public Officer

Highlands Matters


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