Mariah Carey still wears her engagement ring

Mariah Carey is the self-proclaimed Queen of Christmas and this news proves it. The singer, 47 who split from fiance James Packer, 50, in October of last year after 10 months of dating, has kept the US $10 million, ($13 million) engagement ring Packer gave her.

"She still has the ring and wears it now on her middle finger," a source revealed to Entertainment Tonight, adding in a tone that sounds suspiciously like Carey herself, "They 100 percent have not spoken for a year, maybe even longer than that."

Entertainment Tonight further reports that the singer received a "multi-million dollar" settlement from Packer, although, a brief scan of a Fairfax article from Friday would seem to suggest that the "multi-millions" were in fact $13 million. Putting two and two together we are going to go ahead and guess that the $13 million is actually just the price of the ring.

And so, despite Carey's demands of a US $50 million "inconvenience fee" she wanted as compensation for PAcker's broken promises, and the very, how shall we say, sassy move of wearing an ex's ring on her middle finger, it seems that Carey didn't get all she wanted for Christmas. Sorry. Although if we are to take those lyrics at face value, she doesn't have many needs. But who would be so foolish as to do that?

This story Mariah Carey still wears her engagement ring first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.