Paris Hilton on sexual assaults in Hollywood

On her umpteenth visit to Australia this week, Paris Hilton opened up about sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Knowing the celebrity scene like the back of her hand having been famous for the best part of two decades, the sunglasses-clad hotel heiress, 36, seemed unfazed by the recent wave of revelations when speaking to Fairfax Media on the pink carpet of her 23rd perfume, Rose Rush, at The Flamingo Lounge in King's Cross.

"Of course it's Hollywood, I think everyone has experienced it," she said.

"I think it is amazing how many women are coming together and making such a huge difference. I think it's going to stop now because people are going to be too scared to be like that."

When asked if she had any personal experience, she said: "I am such a strong woman, no one could ever take advantage of me. Girl power."

Page Six reported a witness saying earlier last month that disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein made a pass at Hilton in the bathroom of the amfAR Gala near Cannes, France, in 2001, when she was just 20 years old.

"He was pushing the door of the stall Paris was inside, demanding she open the door, saying he 'needed to talk to her'. She didn't open the door. A male event worker had seen Harvey follow Paris into the ladies' and alerted a security guard, who went into the bathroom and ordered Harvey to leave the women's bathroom," the witness said.

When asked about the incident, Hilton said she could not recall it.

Dozens of women allege they have been sexually harassed or assaulted by Weinstein, with police investigations underway in both Europe and the United States. Other powerful men, including Kevin Spacey, director James Toback, comedian Louis C.K, American The Today Show host Matt Lauer and Australian presenter Don Burke have also been accused of sexual misconduct.

Meanwhile, it seems that Beverley Hills' most eligible bachelorette, worth an estimated $130 million (her family is worth $3 billion), is about to make a trip up the aisle.

Hilton, who rocked up to the perfume launch more than an hour late on the arm of her boyfriend of less than a year, Chris Zylka, 32, believes a proposal "could" happen before the year is out, while children are "definitely" in their future.

"We know we have an amazing future together and I am excited," she said.

"I feel so lucky. He is such an incredible person, my best friend. He's my angel. He's even more beautiful on the inside than the out and he's the hottest guy in the world."

So smitten with the model and actor, he inspired her latest perfume,Rose Rush, for Chemist Warehouse.

"I grow with all of my perfumes and they really present who I am in life and this is one of my most mature and in love and romantic scents," she said.

"It's the type of perfume you put on when you are falling in love."

Other than weddings and babies, Hilton has not ruled out a return to reality television.

"I get offers all of the time but I turn everything down because my priority is my business and just being a businesswoman, but if it was something very interesting, then I would think about it," she said.

While she first rose to fame when family friend and the current US President Donald Trump signed her to his modelling agency, T Management, in 2001, it was her role on The Simple Life in 2003 alongside Lionel Richie's daughter Nicole Richie that made her a household name.

Her other plans include: "Opening more real estate properties - my third one. I'll be launching my 24th fragrance. I'll have a new album and a new TV show and some new films. my new book and my new skincare line."

Hilton is not living the so Simple Life anymore.

This story Paris Hilton on sexual assaults in Hollywood first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.