Chowdhary beats Ellis in surprise finish to year-long Shares Race


Kalkine's Hina Chowdhary pipped Angie Ellis of 80 20 Investments to the post in a surprise finish to the one-year Shares Race.

Chowdhary was in fourth place in the last update five weeks ago, $14,466 behind Ellis, who had been leading for most of this year.

Chowdhary's portfolio had a total value of $149,279 at the close of markets on Thursday, up almost 50 per cent since the start of game at the end of January.

Her best performing share was lithium miner Galaxy Resources, which she chose when all players had the opportunity to buy and sell stocks on August 29. Chowdhary sold retailer Kogan, financial services company Suncorp and telco Vocus and ploughed 40 per cent into Galaxy and 30 per cent each into Creso Pharma and investment platform Praemium.

The bet paid off with the $14,815 invested in Galaxy growing to $33,161 since the end of August, while the $11,111 invested into Creso turned into $26,967 and the $11,111 in Praemium shares became $15,504.

Ellis was close behind with a closing portfolio worth $148,215. Ellis also took up the opportunity to recalibrate in August, realising her huge gains from video marketing company Big Un.

She sold four stocks in total, ploughing 80 per cent of the proceeds into jewellery retailer Lovisa - the $43,792 invested on August 29 is now worth $56,992.

There were 12 players in the game in total - five women, five men, an investment club and the dartboard, representing random stock picks. The women dominated the game, taking out the top three spots and an additional place in the top eight.

One of the Dartboard's best picks was Programmed, which was delisted in October after a takeover. Shareholders were paid $3.02 a share, a significant premium on the last traded price, and we took that as the final position for that stock.

Shares Race is a fantasy shares game. Players started with $100,000 across 10 stocks on January 27 and the game closed on November 30, with dividends added as cash to the final position. Eight out of 12 players took the opportunity to buy and sell several stocks on August 29.

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