Tim the Pie Man finds the best Aussie meat pie

Everyone loves a good Aussie meat pie, but which bakery does the best one hail from? 

Meet Tim the Yowie Man, an ordinary Aussie bloke, who is originally from Bowral.

Tim, like many other middle-aged Australian men, just loves pies.

Tim spent one weekend on a quest through the South Coast, Southern Highlands and Southern Tablelands to find the best meat pie. 

And he has turned his eating-quest into a 15-minute documentary. 

Tim said Aussies love talking about, and recommending, the best pie shops to one another. 

“Whenever you go on a trip you hear someone say ‘bakery x has the best pie, you have to stop there’ and pie shops are always claiming to have the best pies,” he said. 

“So I thought I’d give it a crack and try and find the best pie.”

Tim ran a poll on Facebook and narrowed down eight finalists. 

“We then spent one weekend visiting the eight pie shops to taste-test their pies,” he said. 

Tim tasted the standard meat pies at all stops. 

“I decided to just taste the meat pies because they are so many flavours and gourmet types around now so I wanted to make it as comparable as possible,” he said. 

He tried all pies, with and without sauce, taking the same bottle to every different pie shop. 

He then judged the pies in three categories.

“Crust, filling and value for money.”

Each category got a score out of ten and the pie was judged out of 30. 

The best pie on Tim’s tasty travels? 

Unfortunately it wasn’t from The Famous Robertson Store. 

But Tim said the store did stack-up “very well”. 

The tastiest pie was from the East Lynne Store, located between Termeil and Bateman’s Bay on the South Coast. 

“It was quite surprising because it just scrapped in as a finalist.” 

But the high-quality beef filling and value for money were gold medal worthy. 

“[East Lynne store] is just at a fuel stop but they bake all their own pies and have been for about one hundred years,” Time said. 

The mini doco doesn’t only showcase the best pies of the region but also some of the great scenery to entice people to hit the Southern Highlands Pie Trail. 

The documetary is part of a YouTube series which showcases the natural and man-made wonders of the region, and Tim said the pie is one of those man-made wonders!

To watch the documentary, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA0o85gkjpU&t=1s


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