Buckingham Palace makes statement about Prince Harry's 'love life'

Since the first photos were released of American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, rumours have circulated about the royal pair's relationship.

Last year Harry came out in an official statement asking the public to leave his girlfriend alone, and naturally, everyone went crazy because the word girlfriend confirmed the suspicion that the pair were officially romantically involved.

Months later, the big question remains: are the celebrity pair engaged?

Following reports that bookies have closed all bets on the couple's engagement, rumours are circulating that the couple will be engaged "imminently".

According to Hello!magazine, a spokesperson for the Buckingham Palace has refused to comment on speculation itself, but has stated that they "would not give a running commentary on Harry's love life".

The statement is rare from the Royal Family, who are not known to respond to speculations about their personal lives.

The rumoured engagement follows reports that the 36-year-old actress has quit hit television show Suits, which is filmed in Toronto, to focus on her charity commitment with Unicef.

"Meghan knows she can't really act at the same time as being a princess and is happy to make the career sacrifice," a source told the UK's Daily Star.

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